Educate Yourself First
Things you should know before you get started.  Stop by our Library for more information!
What is GID?  - pdf
Harry Benjamin Standards of Care  - pdf
Unlived lives  - pdf

Are You Starting Your Transition?
The first question everyone asks, is "How do I transition?"  The Steps Listed below will help you understand the basic sequence to get
started and plan your transition.  For a  copy to download to your computer, click this link:
Steps To Transition  - pdf

Protect Yourself From Hate Crimes!
Avoid common dangerous the pitfalls of Transition

How Do I Start Transition?     
Trying to start transition can be confusing and frustrating.  This is a basic list of some of the steps
of transition.  Use it only as a basic guide to help you focus on some goals.  Use of this list is
purely voluntary.  Your personal transition will vary.

MTF - male to female
FTM - female to male
GID - Gender Identity Disorder
HRT - Hormone Replacement therapy
SRS/GCS - Sex Reassignment Surgery/Gender Confirming Surgery
Transition - the process of changing physical gender identity role.

The Steps
    1.  Find a good support group, either on line, or a group that meets face to face. These are the people who will help you
        through  your transition!
    2.  If you are an MTF, find an electrologist and begin electrolysis. Preferably one experienced with MTF hair removal
         issues, including hair removal for SRS/GCS.
    3.  If you are MTF and overweight, go on a weight loss diet NOW! Your body will not be able to loose that weight as
        easily after you start hormones! You can get a trainer to help lean out muscle mass. If money is an issue read up on
        cross training techniques that lean muscle mass and burn fat.
    4.  Seek a therapist, with experience treating transsexuals and start therapy. Your therapist may want to schedule you for
        special testing for Gender Identity Disorder for a proper diagnosis. It usually takes 3 months of therapy or more to get
        a letter from your therapist to start HRT. You may have to interview several therapists before you find one you work
        well with. 5.  If you have difficulty finding one, refer to this article on the web:
    5.  Your therapy should also address boundary issues, we all seem to have those and it will make your transition smoother
        and help keep you safer during transition, if you deal with those up front.
    6.  Seek out a doctor willing to work with you towards transition and start HRT as soon as you have your letter.
    7.  Start getting advise from genetic women or man, or your support group about clothing, hair, makeup, etc... Start
        working on your female or male look. MTF's start working on you feminine voice. Learn the vocabulary of the
        desired gender.
    8.  Go out in public as often as you can. Go with someone, do not go alone! Avoid isolated places, especially after dark!
        Going out will take courage and build your confidence. It is highly recommended that you have a letter from your
        therapist stating you are in therapy for GID, before you go into a restroom for the opposite gender.
    9.  Watch and imitate mannerisms of other men or women. Learn the fundamental difference in the male and female
    .....anatomy and how it affects the way you walk and carry yourself.
    10. Be aware that you will have to deal with what others think of you and your transition. You will need your therapist and
        support group at this point. Never let anyone dictate the direction of your life. Be true to yourself!
    11. When you are ready to go full time as your true self, start your name change. The laws have changed recently, so you
        will have to get your name change done through the court before you can get your Drivers Licence (DL) and Social
        Security (SS) card changed.  You will NOT be able to change your gender marker at this time.  You will have to go
        to court again after your surgery.  Chest surgery for guys and genital surgery for girls.
    12. You can begin contacting all companies you deal with and inform them that you are undergoing a name change and
    .....gender change.  They should at least change your name on things. Some will change things easily, others not so easily.
    13. You will likely have to open a new checking and savings account.
    14. Get a new credit card in your new name separate from any you might have with a spouse.
    15. If you are employed, you should speak to personnel about your transition. Try to get management on your side. Be well
         informed of how to transition at work before your meeting. Know your rights, but be flexible. Get advise each step of the
         way from other Tg people who have transitioned at work.
    16. Research surgeries and begin saving for the surgeries you feel will make you whole. It is usually better to wait a few
        years for hormones to take their effect before getting surgery. You may find you don’t need as much surgery as you
        though t if you wait and see how your body changes.
    ..........a.) For MTF, usually facial feminization and/or breast Augmentation are the first surgeries of choice.     
    ...............But if money is an issue you may choose to save for SRS/GCS instead.
    ..........b.) For FTM, usually breast reduction is the first surgery. FTM’s often elect not to have SRS/GCS  because of
    ...............the quality of the procedures available at this time.
    17. Sex reassignment surgery is usually the last event in transition. The average time till surgery is about 2 to 3 years or
         more into transition.
    18. After SRS/GCS get your name and gender change through the court. Don’t forget to apply for your birth certificate.
         FTM’s don’t need genital surgery to get their name and gender changed through the court or to get their birth certificate.
    19. Continue with therapy for up to 6 months after SRS.
    20. Depression is a common problem after transition due to the realization of the limits of transition on what you see in the
    21. My personal advise and a good rule of thumb. Do not focus your attention on what didn’t change to your liking, rather
         focus on what you DO have. Realize, that your body is not “who” you are. It is only an accessory of who is wearing it!
        “Be” who you are inside, don’t “be” your body.

Keep A Diary
Try this simple Diary, it will help you keep on course. We have one for the Gal's and one for the Guy's.
Girls Transition Diary  - pdf
Guys Transition Planner.  - pdf

Do You Need To Find A Doctor?
For a list of local resources, check out our Resource page.
If you have health insurance, start with your local list of providers.  
If you have no health insurance and can't get any through work or on your own, then contact your
County Medical Center, Hospital or local County Clinic for information on how to get on County insurance.  
If you have little or no income, you can get healthcare for free.  If you have some income, they may have
you pay something based on your income.  

Questions To Ask When You Call A New Doctor
Do they serve other transsexual/transgendered patients?  
Would they be willing to treat transsexual/transgendered patients.  If they say they don't know anything about treating
transsexual/transgendered, ask them if they would like to learn.  Then tell them that you can supply them with information about treating
transsexual/transgendered people.  (That info you can print from this site, see below)

What To Do If You Have Your Hormone Letter From Your Therapist
And Your Doctor Won't Put You On Hormones.
If you have your therapists letter stating that you can start hormone therapy and your Doctor won't put you on hormones, then you will
have to see a Doctor who specializes in hormone therapy for Transsexual/Transgendered people.  You will have to pay for this visit out
of your pocket (unless the specialist takes your Insurance).  Once the specialist starts you on hormones, your primary care physician can
and will support the care and your insurance will cover your hormone prescriptions from then on out.  You may need to go back to the
specialist a few times a year, for monitoring.  Especially if you are having problems with your hormone therapy.  Be sure to have your
Specialist send a copy of all medical notes and tests to your primary if he needs them.

Do You Need To Educate Your Doctor?  
Print out a copy of the pdf's below and to take to your health care provider.
For more info, see "Our Library" on this site.

Protocols for Hormonal Reassignment of Gender  - pdf

Health Care Providers:
Basic Tips for Health Care  - pdf

For Nurses:
Competent Care of Transgendered  - pdf

For Doctors:
Protocols for Hormonal Reassignment of  - pdf
Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgendered Men  - pdf

For You:

Hormone injection guide - pdf

Do You Need To Find A Therapist?
For a list of local resources, check out our Resource Page.
You can get general psychological therapy through the county.  
Contact your counties Behavioural Health Dept.  

San Bernardino County Behaviour Health Dept

Riverside County Department of Mental Health

Are You Ready To Start Hormones And Need A Therapist Letter?
Take the example letter below to your therapist as an example for what they need to write for you to start hormones.
Example Therapist Letter for Hormones  - pdf

Need Help Changing Your Appearance?
Visit our How-To page for help and links.
Beginning Transition
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