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If you need a therapist and can't afford one, you can get general
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Whether you are an individual or a therapist, looking into the subject of Transsexual/Transgender treatment
the information on this page, should help you get started.
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...............................................   ................Just A Quick Note From Me To You.
This maybe your first stop or attempt at discovering some answers to your deepest and inner most feelings of self.  Your IDENTITY.  
Who am I?  What am I?  Why do I have these feelings?  Are their others like me?  Or maybe you have seen some behavior in a loved one
that maybe incongruent with their outward gender appearance and you are looking for answers to these questions.

I have walked this difficult path of self discovery.  I would not have survived if it was not for my friends, many of whom are also on
therapist Jo Ann  Simmons Walker.  This is not a shameless plug for her but a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart and a note
to others who are looking, that this is a very important decision you are about to make.  I needed professional help.  I saw many
therapists before I was fortunate enough to find Jo Ann.

I hope through my experience and the experience from my friend who put this web site together that we can help you find a qualified
Therapist quickly and more easily than if you had to start from scratch.

You need to be comfortable with your therapist and be comfortable enough to develop a high level of trust.  If you do not feel this
happening with in the first couple of visits you may want to consider changing therapists.  Follow your heart and your gut feelings. Do
not be afraid to ask questions.

Most Therapists follow the Harry Benjamin Standards Of Care.  This is increasingly becoming more controversial.  Some view this as a
gate keeper technique used to grant some and not others permission to legally change their birth sex.  It's intent rather is to protect first
and foremost you!  It is to protect you the client from making a potentially  wrong, and life altering decision and secondly to protect the
practitioner from litigation.

A therapist will help you to work out other area's of your life.  I wanted to make sure that the feelings I was having were not caused by
any childhood experience or trauma and that what I was feeling was in fact Gender Dysphoria.  

You can find much more information on this subject through out this web-site.  Please use it often and refer other's to it, if you find it

Thank You

Anne Vitale Ph.D. Website    This is a very good/informative
Anne is a transgendered psychologist, who treats transgendered
clients.  She has written a number of papers for Therapist and
the Client.  See lists of subjects below.  Once on her site, click
on the suggested links to see the documents listed below the link.

Click on "Essay"s in Her Site To read the essays below:
* A Brief Description of the Problem
* Gender Dysphoria: Treatment Limits and Options
* The Gender Variant Phenomenon--A Developmental Review
* Gender Variant Expression: An Historical Account
* Current Thinking Regarding the Etiology of Gender Dysphoria
thoughts on how to resolve it.

Click on "Gender Identity Disorder Treatment Plan" in Her Site
to see this article
* Gender Identity Disorder Treatment Plan

Click on "T-Notes" in Her Site To read these articles:
#1 Dances with Therapists or, hard time getting to that first
#2 The Intake Appointment
#3 A brief description of the Hormone Evaluation Period
#4 Unlived Lives.
#5 Guilt and Shame: The Unfortunate Twins of Gender
#6 Mid-Life Awakening. Some thoughts about the recent
increase in clients at mid-life presenting with gender issues.
#7 Sexism in the Male-To-Female Transsexual.
#8 Relationships: The Bane and the Promise
#9 Primary and Secondary Transsexualism-myths and Facts
#10 Emergence-a danger filled, critical time in the transition
#11 Couples Therapy---When the male partner is a crossdresser.
#12 Transsexualism: An Expanded Definition
#13 Potential Therapeutic Errors

Gender Identity Disorder - article online

Counselling And Mental Health Care Of Transgender Adults And
Loved Ones - pdf
(Scroll down the page on their site to see the link.)

Recommended Guidelines for Transgender Care - online

Half Way Between - pdf
By Rabbi Levi Alter President FTMI

Protect Yourself From Hate Crimes!
Avoid common dangerous the pitfalls of Transition