Tai Lopez 67 Steps: Understanding Simple Life Concepts That Make A Big Impact

Tue 29 March 2016 By Kent

tai lopezTai Lopez is a certified financial planner who after dropping out of college started a string of investments in various niches. He used to work at GE capital. Tai Lopez has worked in the world of finance before ultimately becoming a founder, keynote speaker, investor, mentor and advisor to more than twenty-million-dollar business empire.

Currently he does online business mentorship, inner business circle advise, conferences and his most popular 67 steps video program. He also runs a podcast on YouTube called the “The Grand Theory of Everything”.

How Does The Tai Lopez 67 Steps Work?

The 67 steps program, one of Tai Lopez products,  is a video series available on Tai’s website and on YouTube. The 67 step program is a monthly subscription of only $67. With this payment the clients get access to the 67 steps video series as well as unlimited access to a video vault. This vaults gives participants hours of specially recorded videos that help the participants walk through the most valuable secrets of success in life. With purchase of the program (the 67 steps), new members get a 14-days free access to VIP membership program. The VIP membership offers additional benefits such as;

+Two time a month coaching call +premium video and audio summaries on the book of the day
+Secrets on making great investments
+How to master the art of speed reading
+Tai’s App list

The VIP membership cost an additional $69.99, but new clients are offered a free 14-day pass to the membership program. The 67 steps program teaches the members among other thing;

How to be adaptable
He bases this step on the theory of evolution which as you know only the best adaptable survive the environmental challenges.

How to be humble
He talks about having the patience to learn from other people including those who you might think are less likely to have something better as advise to you. He puts it out as having the courage and zeal to learn from those who have achieved more than you have.

Getting a mentor
Tai Lopez says that when you get a mentor you actually shave years of learning by utilizing the knowledge of your mentor. These are among the many things that you will learn from the 67 steps if you purchase it.

Life Changes And Benefits From Tai Lopez's Programms 

I believe these are the questions ringing in your mind as you read through this article are. How will I benefit from this program? Is not a self-discovery program for the founder? Will it work for me? Well, worry not. It will definitely work for you.

Here is how, when you take an objective look at your life you realize that at some point somewhere in school, college or in your growing up someone said something that since then you have carried along as a principle that guides your choices and decisions. Tai Lopez 67 steps is a guide that will make you have a paradigm shift. It will influence you towards making more thoughtful investments and goals which are not only achievable but rewarding as well.

The 67 steps are going to help you achieve or understand some simple life concepts that real make a difference once properly mastered and applied to your daily routines in life. The steps are going to revolutionize how you think and what matters to you when making critical investment decisions. It will impact courage, flexibility, humility and many more characteristics to your life and decision making process

The Accelerator Program

This program is for the most serious followers of Tai Lopez analogies. For only $997 you get:

+A one on one call from Tai Lopez top consultant who will guide you on defining your goals in life and go ahead to help you determine the right products that fit your needs
+A success program that is divided into three levels money, Persuasion and entrepreneurship.
+Access to the vault of Tai Lopez
+Access to Tai in an intimate group setting that is exclusive
+The accelerator program offers a more personal experience with the mentorship of Tai Lopez

He offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you thought it was not worth your while after accessing the system. Tai Lopez is engaging and fascinating while being totally uplifting without being corny or exaggerative. Watch one of his videos and determine if he is worth your dime.